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Protecting and Conserving the Quality of Life in the Valley
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BVA Officers

Butternut Valley Alliance  Officers

Chair:  Edward T. Lentz

Co-Chair: Stacia Norman
Secretary:  Bob Thomas

Treasurer: Rick O'Keefe


Butternut Valley Alliance  Board of Directors / (term)
Elected April 29, 2017

John Braunius (two years)
Bob Eklund (two years)
Doug Ernst (one year)
Norm Farwell  (two years)
Scott Fickbohm  (one year)

Ben Friedman (one year)
Carla Hall  (two years)
Les Hasbargen  (one year)
Ed Lentz  (one year)
Flo Loomis  (two years)
Stacia Norman  (one year)
Glen Noto                 (two years)

Rick O'Keefe  (one year)
Bob Thomas  (one year)

The mission of the Butternut Valley Alliance is to protect and conserve the environmental qualities, farming, economic development and cultural heritage in the Butternut Creek watershed.

To be an effective leader in the watershed by encouraging conservation and sustainable development.
230 Dockstader Rd
New Lisbon, NY 13415