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Hello, Friends of the Butternut Valley,

Our tenth anniversary year marks a turning point in the growth of the Butternut Valley Alliance (BVA). We hired Graham Stroh as our first Executive Director. Graham brings BVA a background in community planning and design, is a resident of Morris, and is passionate about our watershed. Two days a week, Graham supports our work, focusing our mission to improve and expand our programs, communications, and outreach throughout the valley.

“To protect and conserve the environmental qualities, farming, economic development, and cultural heritage in the Butternut Creek watershed.”

To sustain his role and our outreach to you and our community, we are reliant on your financial support. Your generosity supports programs like the Summer Harvest Festival, the Butternut Creek float, upcoming speaker events, follow up to the Butternut Creek Assessment, continued work with the Upper Susquehanna Coalition, and our Citizen Science initiative, to name a few of our programs.

This fall we engaged with the Otsego Land Trust’s work around the 2018 NYS Dairy Transition PDR Grant program and have gotten involved in the preservation of Floral Hall at the Morris fairgrounds. Both of these projects are aligned with our mission to support farming, economic development and the cultural heritage in our valley. 

The BVA is doing good work in the Butternut Valley for us, for our children, and for our children's children. Help us maintain our momentum by supporting the Alliance with your generous donation. Please also invite your friends to become Alliance members.

A donation to the BVA goes a long way. Donations can be made here on the BVA Website, or by check sent to Butternut Valley Alliance, 230 Dockstader Road, New Lisbon, NY 13415

With our appreciation, very truly yours,

Edward Lentz
Chair, Butternut Valley Alliance

Graham Stroh
Executive Director

2018 Summer Harvest Festival Child on Tractor

Looking across Butternut Creek Valley Below Peet Rd. -2018

The mission of the Butternut Valley Alliance is to protect and conserve the environmental qualities, farming, economic development and cultural heritage in the Butternut Creek watershed.

To be an effective leader in the watershed by encouraging conservation and sustainable development.
230 Dockstader Rd
New Lisbon, NY 13415